Every decision we make is meant to improve the world around us through sustainable and fair trade practices.

- Valerie Garmino


At Valerie Garmino we are dedicated to creating statement and storytelling designs with the purpose of empowering women by making them look and feel their best.

We preserve and safeguard the art of luxury craftsmanship by making it central to the Valerie Garmino brand.

Quality is part of the brand's essence. We are proud to say that we have been on a constant journey around the world in order to discover the best and most skilled artisans in the craftsmanship field. We have the same process to incorporate premium fabrics and sustainable fibers in our collections.


The designer thrives to work with sustainable fibers and materials aim to reduce fabric waste and shift toward a more responsible usage of chemicals, water, and energy.

Tradition and inter-generational heritage have formed the codes of the Valerie Garmino brand since its foundation.


Valerie Garmino is a multiple award-winning designer and artist based in Dallas, Texas. She is best known for the creation of statement and storytelling designs.

Her European fashion training is inherently evident in her precision-based design process. This guides her to create thoughtful designs mainly inspired by the multiple roles that an empowered woman can play while still maintaining her femininity.

Valerie Garmino launched her brand in 2019 during Paris Fashion Week where she debuted her Mademoiselle collection. Garmino has been featured in top outlets including British Vogue, Paper City, D Magazine, and NBC news. Her line has been worn by Miss Universe women, celebrities and high profile social elites. The Valerie Garmino brand is now present in multiple retailers across the U.S., including Texas, Idaho, North & South Carolina and New York.

Garmino is recognized as a change agent in the region for raising awareness of sustainable practices thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials and fibers. In addition, she actively works for a positive transformation within the fashion industry by setting new standards where fair trade and human rights are not just initiatives, but the causes of a business well run.


Currently, craftsmanship is critically endangered and it’s under a risk of no longer being practiced. More and more society give less value to these practices, and therefore new and young generations of artisans lose interest in learning the master, ancestral and traditional techniques of craftsmanship.

We feel the responsibility of helping the preservation and safeguard the art of craftsmanship through designs that incorporate this process as a main component of Valerie Garmino.


We maintain an unmatched standard of fair trade practice with a focus on supporting women artisans to earn reliable, fair living wages and gain experience that can contribute to all aspects of their lives.

When these women are given the opportunity to generate income, it impacts their families and their community economic standing. Their lives are improved and transformed, securing a better future for them and their families

When you get a piece from Valerie Garmino, not only you are getting beautiful and unique wearable art, but you are also helping to preserve a remarkable way of life and a cultural treasure.