Haute Couture Lotus

The Lotus Collection celebrates
heritage, exquisite artistry, and femininity.

Our Brand Manifesto

At Valerie Garmino we are dedicated to creating statement and storytelling designs with the purpose of empowering women by making them look and feel their best.

Quality is part of the brand's essence. We are proud to say that we have been on a constant journey around the world in order to discover the best and most skilled artisans in the craftsmanship field. We have the same process to incorporate premium fabrics and sustainable fibers in our collections.



Currently, craftsmanship is critically endangered and it’s under a risk of no longer being practiced. More and more society give less value to these practices, and therefore new and young generations of artisans lose interest in learning the master, ancestral and traditional techniques of craftsmanship.

We feel the responsibility of helping the preservation and safeguard the art of craftsmanship through designs that incorporate this process as a main component of Valerie Garmino.

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