Cashmere fiber comes from the cashmere goat. It's known all over the world over for its softness, warmth and the delicate fibers that make it almost silky to the touch.  

Soft texture

Cashmere's crowning achievement is its soft texture, and if you've touched it or worn it, you already know. Cashmere garments are a luxury that, with its practically weightless composition, feels like a necessary part of your everyday.


The magic of cashmere is its ability to keep you warm without you overheating. Its lightweight composition has perfect insulation properties so that you can wear it all year round.


Not too heavy, not too light

Cashmere is the perfect weight to help you transition from summer to fall. An ideal layer through winter, such as under coats or blazers, cashmere is an extremely wearable fabric without being bulky.

Alpaca fiber & cashmere

Like cashmere, alpaca is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious and matches it in durability. Both are water resistant while being warm and lightweight at the same time.

If you love cashmere, you're going to love alpaca just as much.