"The Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu

Valerie Garmino scouts the globe, uncovering the most exclusive and comfortable premium fabrics. She approaches them like a scholar, studying and analyzing each fabric, its origin, and its environment.

Valerie Garmino cares deeply about how animal’s fibers are obtained and how people working in fabric production are treated. She maintains an unmatched standard of fair practice, which is one of the most important reasons why she travels and personally hand selects each fair trade and cruelty-free fabric in her line.

Her choices include baby Alpaca from Los Andes - Peru, Italian cashmere, Peruvian and Italian pima cotton, French lace and Japanese silk. Her finishes include vegetable ivory and mother of peal buttons from Ecuador. One of the most desirable pieces of Valerie Garmino's accessory line is the iconic Panama hat from Montecristi - Ecuador.

Amorosa, Valerie's travel companion

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The rose is the emblem of Valerie Garmino’s brand. It represents natural vibrant beauty, femininity and love – love not only for others but also for one’s self.

You can find it embodied on buttons and pins, woven into embroideries, and fashioned out of silk to adorn headwear, coats and jacket lapels.