Prêt-à-Porter meets Haute Couture

Valerie Garmino’s Prêt-à -Couture line belongs to a unique category. A blend between Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture. 

Everyone loves Haute Couture. The fine fabrics, the artistic nuance,the touch of exclusivity and high-end finishes. But, we can’t wear these types of pieces every day. Prêt-à-Couture solves this problem by combining features of Haute Couture but in Prê-à-Porter clothes that you can wear anytime. 

Luxury: An Intimate Experience of Touch

Valerie Garmino highlights the experience of fabric and touch. People build lasting memories of what they touch and feel strongly towards them. Women wearing Valerie Garmino’s pieces will experience uncompromising luxury, limitless comfort, beauty, and an unspeakable elegant look.

Designer's Aesthetic

In an effort to highlight and celebrate the woman’s true, natural beauty, the designer focuses on creating patterns that enhance feminine silhouettes. They combine classic, clean-cut lines with detail-obsessed hints of modernity. The designer’s intention is to create versatile, timeless, sophisticated and landmark pieces that can be worn by all generations in all seasons.

From conception to sketching to production, each design is as unique, beautiful, and independent as the woman that will wear it. The true showcase of Garmino’s designs are her painstakingly beautiful aesthetic and flawlessly enduring efforts to maintain that the clothes she makes transmit both a sense of femininity and empowerment.